STBB 8K + AE stand up pouch machine with inline spout inserting and leak detection

The STBB 8K + AE is designed according to specific market specifications that permits bags with spouts with tubes (KGA) and spouts with screw closures to be produced in a wide range of formats.


Being able to produce stand-up bags with a spout in the bag machine in one process is seen as a special innovation. In-line manufacturing offers cost benefits as a result of reduced machine staff, a lower overall reject rate and a higher machine output of up to 400 bags per minute.

A fully automatic film joining unit makes the work of operating staff much easier and ensures very low tolerances during production.

The complete sealing process used by B&B is a great advantage because of the small number of stations and at the same time, together with the complete pressing system, it provides almost unlimited design opportunities for the bags. Thus bags with contours, handles and various angles of welding on of the spouts as well as all KGA bags have already been produced with very low tool costs.


Optionally the final bags can automatically be transferred to a leak tester. This carousel-type-machine is able to detect even smallest leakages and to eject faulty bags automatically.
By this it is ensured that only 100% tight bags reach the filling line.



The following benefits have been confirmed compared with ex-line production:

  • High level of precision in positioning the spout relative to the bag
  • High level of reliability and reproducible results in bag quality during the bag inspection process (drop test, burst test)
  • Reduction in total rejects
  • Reduction in machine and offloading staff
  • Reduction of machine setup times
  • Reduction of machine costs
  • Possible integration of inline leak testing


Bag quality, machine output and flexibility will make the pre-manufactured bag even more attractive in future.


The B&B stand up pouch machine is also available as a clean room version!


Sample products of this machine