Rotary die cutter – The patented, advantageous laser substitute

The patented rotary die cutter RS 13 WPP 5µ was developed for the perforation of laminated woven polypropylene materials.
For this application it is essential to ensure a true-running accuracy of less
than 5µm in order to meet the quality requirements for the perforation.
The direct drive system operates with the latest servo technology to enable a perfect perforation of the web and constant cut off length of your bag. The open easy access design enables easy operation, fast change over in a low cost maintenance environment.
Thus using a laser as a perforation device becomes obsolete.


The clear advantages of the die cutter are:

  • Low investment costs
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Very accurate and constant perforation results throughout different production runs
  • Quick changeover times, especially to new bag designs with different types of WPP fabrics




Sample products of this machine