TCS - WPP: Top Slider Application for woven PP / raffia bags and sacks

The B&B TCS - WPP adds a Top Slider closure to max. 55 prefabricated bags / min. The stand-alone off-line version of the machine can be operated independently. Alternatively, the TCS – WPP can be operated IN-Line with a B&B bag tuber machine or in a process from a side gusseted tube roll.




Production Capabilities:

  • Application of top sliders to prefabricated woven PP tubes

  • Unwind and tubing from flat woven material roll
  • Unwind and separation from woven PP tube roll
  • Side gusset gluing
  • Extruder or hotmelt for longitudinal seam




Technical data

Max. bag length: 1,070 mm
Min. bag length: 300 mm
Max. bag width: 485 mm
Min. bag width: 250 mm
Opened side gusset: 80 - 200 mm
Overall length: ~ 11m




Sample products of this machine