PK 100 - Cardboard collar machine

The B&B - Verpackungstechnik cardboard collar machine PK 100 automatically produces one- to three-ply cardboard collars for vacuum cleaner filter bags. In this machine, cardboard collars are fabricated from cardboard blanks and rubber from roll with a performance of max. 150 cycles / min.


Different machine versions allow for the processing of cardboard from the roll or pre-cut cardboards dispensed from a magazine alternatively as well as for cardboard collar production in longitudinal or transversal direction through the machine.




Production Capabilities:

  • One- to three-layer cardboard collars for vacuum cleaner filter bags
  • Cardboard collars with closure slider
  • Cardboard collars of various embossings
  • Cardboard collars from pre-cut cardboard, cardboard sheets or from cardboard roll




Sample products of this machine