B&B Bag filling line BF 100

The B&B bagfiller / bagger BF 100 is the latest development in the market when it comes to the filling of toilet paper rolls into pre-made bags.
The totally new design of this machine is based on the long-lasting experience of B&B with existing bag filling lines, feedback and support from the market. All new innovations around the toilet paper rolls are implemented allowing a performance which has not been achieved, yet.

The newly developed roll separating device does not apply any pressure to the roll during the separating and orientating process. All existing and future based core materials, twin-layer, single-layer and even coreless, can be handled without stopping the product flow while the rolls are orientated and separated.

On a formation table, with transport function, the rolls are grouped and conveyed towards the newly designed stacking device. Stacking is possible with double layer for horizontal cores and triple layer for vertically orientated cores.
The main in-feed pusher transports the completed formation towards the bag opener section. The main focus of the rotary design of the in-feed is the accessibility underneath this system. Complete range of formats can be achieved by using a fixed amount of in-feed arms, which avoids longer change-over and adjustment times.

The bag opener section has been updated. The proven twin lane system for double row formats allows for high performance on reduced speeds for a huge range of bag sizes. This design achieves a significant reduction in down-time.

A fully automatic wicket change is done without any reduction in line speed. To eliminate influence of the material handling on the product, the bag opener section is moved in direction of the product flow until the bag is pulled-off the fixation sticks. By calculating the bag length, the products are always placed at the same position inside the bag independent from tightness of the product.

A main focus was set on being operator friendly. It provides simple change-overs as well as easy access for service. To reach this, the stacking and the bag opener device can be easily pulled out to the side. From the energetic aspect, pneumatically operated movements are minimized. The format change-over is supported by actuating motors as much as possible.


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Sample products of this machine