Packaging in film



Stretch packer SBP / Stretch bundler

The machines of the B&B - Verpackungstechnik stretch packer series package single products or product formations by means of a film banderole or an overall wrapping.B&B Verpackungstechnik has...

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Schrumpftunnel ST 1000

Shrink tunnel ST

B&B Verpackungstechnik shrink tunnels serve a wide range of performances and product sizes for film shrinking. The machines of the shrink tunnel ST series are available in different designs to match...

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RotRollenpacker RO 2127

Rotary roll packer RO

The B&B Verpackungstechnik Rotary Roll packer RO is designed for the packaging of cylindrical products in a film banderole at a high level of performance up to 120 cycles / min. Cylindrical products...

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