We’re happy to welcome you soon again in person on different events. There we can introduce you to our „Perfect Packagings“!

We’re on the following events:

Oct. 12 - Oct. 14, 2023

3P Plas Print Pack

Nov. 7 - Nov. 10, 2023

Plastimagen, booth – 2522

May 7 - May 10, 2024


Worldwide on the road

10. - 12. Mai 2022 AMI Konferenz Plastic Pouches Barcelona​

B&B auf der AMI Plastic Pouches Konferenz


Today is the second and last day of Plastic Pouches in Barcelona.
Since yesterday our colleagues Sebastian and Alexander followed the interesting presentations and had a lot of conversations with partners and customers.
Thanks to AMI for the great organisation!

08. - 11. März 2022 Plastimagen Mexico



This week B&B is represented at two trade fairs. As an internationally operating company, we do not miss the opportunity to participate at PLASTIMAGEN in Mexico City and Cfia in Rennes (France). Many thanks to our partners Incotécnica S.A. de C.V. and PBH FRANCE to have us on their booths.

08. - 10. März 2022 Cfia Rennes France



Many thanks to our partners PBH FRANCE to have us on their booths.