Technical Service

In addition to consistently high machine quality, B&B is always available to its customers through its worldwide service promise. This includes training and education as well as after-sales service. The primary focus is providing spare parts, carrying out maintenance work, remote maintenance, upgrades and retrofitting existing machines. In addition to innovative and high-quality solutions, the machines are constantly evolving at B&B.

Spare Parts

Through our experienced and qualified staff, spare parts are always identified accurately, and qualified advice is provided regarding components to be replaced. This also includes the common spare parts, which are included in the scope of delivery, are available in stock to enable a quick replacement. The spare part recommendations provided with every machine help to quickly identify the required parts.  Even in the case of unknown part numbers, our employees always help to identify the root cause of the problem and deliver the correct part.


Maintenance & Repair

In addition to the spare parts service, B&B’s experienced technical service is also available to customers for any other problems with the machine. The individual customer needs are always taken into account. B&B offers maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, optimizations, or other services such as moving a machine as well as the installation and commissioning of new machines.


Remote support / troubleshooting

Errors and complications can be fixed immediately by using the mGuard router, our machines to be accessed
remotely. This is included in our standard scope, or via other possible access methods on customer request. This increases the effectiveness and speed of troubleshooting, while reducing costs at the same time. Downtimes are minimised due to the fast response times.

Upgrades and Retrofitting

Due to the constant advancement of technology, rebuilds and upgrades are an important part of the service program to meet flexible market demands. These include any assemblies along with hardware and software modifications, which are either customer-specific or a modular range. We keep in mind that maintaining the longevity of the machines is a primary goal of our customers and our modular deigns allow for these upgrades to be seamlessly integrated. In most cases the format range can also be extended with these rebuilds.The service offer is always made according to the needs of the customer.

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