Machines for Tissue / Personal care

The B&B Bag Filler BF is the standard in the market when it comes to filling pre-made bags / wicketed bags with toilet paper, kitchen towel rolls or folded paper towels / tissues.

The newly developed erecting system enables “stress-free” separation of the individual rolls and placement in the required orientation. All rolls required by the market can be processed, tightly or loosely wound, various core materials, 2-ply, 1-ply or coreless. Without stopping the product flow, the rolls are picked up and deposited again according to the required orientation.

The BF bag filler is optionally equipped with compression reduction modules. With this innovative process, a consistent filling position can be ensured regardless of the winding strength of the roll.

To make format changes as easy as possible for the operating personnel, the stacking as well as the bag opener station can be pushed out sidewise of the machine. Thanks to numerous positioning drives, changeovers can be carried out in no time at all.

By means of a specially developed compression, optimum, firm packaging results can be achieved with an output of up to 30 bags / min.

A high-performance version is able to achieve up to 50 bags/min. in a low-count package. Products can be fed in one to seven rows in horizontal or vertical orientation. Bags with and without handle as well as different film thicknesses can be processed without any problems.

“Easy-opening systems” round off the variety of options. Performance: 60 – 100 cycles / min (1 / 2 lanes)