why B&B?

Our strengths at a glance

We are global leaders - who push forward innovation with new ideas

Ecology and sustainability are the buzzwords of the last years in the packaging industry. Climate protection is a topic in society and the media for the last years as well as a driver of innovation in the industry.
We at B&B have always been pioneers in this field. Examples are the development of a bag machine to process recyclable mono-PE laminates more than 25 years ago or the market introduction

of stretch packing machines to eliminate shrink tunnels in secondary packaging applications.

We are proud to having supplied a stand-up pouch machine that converts the fully recyclable PE-pouch that won the German Environmental Award.


Processing innovative mono-materials to produce recyclable packaging.

A very good and environmentally friendly alternative is packaging made of recycled paper.

B&B stretch packers can decrease film consumption by up to 80% in comparison to a conventional shrink wrap.