Stand-up pouch machine STBB 8K + AE

The stand-up pouch machine STBB 8K + AE allows the production of pouches with spout tubes KGA as well as spouts with screw cap (Spout) in a large format range. The ability to produce stand-up pouches with spouts in a single process in the pouching machine is a particular innovation. In-line production offers cost advantages due to fewer machine operators, lower total waste and higher machine outputs of up to 400 pouches/min. A fully automatic film joining system makes the operator’s work much easier and ensures very low tolerances during production. The complete contour sealing process used by B&B offers you sealing results that guarantee optimum quality. Together with the complete contour punching system, it allows almost unlimited design possibilities for the pouches. Pouches with contours, handles and different welding angles of the spouts (45° / 90°), as well as all KGA pouches can be realised with very low tooling costs. The finished pouches are optionally transferred to an automatic transport system for leak testing.

The B&B leak test is able to automatically detect the smallest leaks and eject faulty bags. This guarantees that only 100% leak-proof pouches enter the filling process.

The following advantages over exline/offline production have been confirmed:

  • High positioning accuracy of the spouts to the pouch
  • High reliability and reproducible results for the pouch quality during the pouch testing procedures (drop test, burst test)
  • Reduction of total waste
  • Reduction of personnel on the machine
  • Reduction of machine set-up times
  • Reduction of machine costs
  • Inline leak test optionally possible

Pouch quality, machine performance and flexibility will make the pre-made pouch even more attractive in the future.

The B&B stand-up pouch machine is also available as a version for the CLEAN ROOM.

We are happy to offer you a SPT – system to optimise the pouch transport to your customer. In addition, this is THE system for complete automation in your customer’s factory as far as pouch handling to the filling process is concerned.