SFS 8E - PE bag machine

The SFS bag machine is a bag / sack maker dedicated to the conversion of PE materials. It is able to process materials as PE/PE laminates (4 to 6,5 mil, respective 90 – 180 microns), Mono PE, PE/CPP and / or coex PE, PE/PET/PE with an optimum of quality.

Mainly the SFS is designed for the production of edge seam or quad seal bags, as well as flat bags. The bag forming is realised from one flat film roll. _Highly precise cross bottom sealings and bottom corner (mitred) sealings can be done on the SFS for achieving a very good appearance of the bag.

As another benefit a professional stacking device is installed at the machine which allows the customer to have proper bag stacks for easy take over to the packaging process.
Optional the PE bag machine can be equipped with a ventilation hole perforation, side gusset tack sealing, micro perforation and a carry handle header

The dimensions of the bags / sacks comprise a wide range:

  • Min. / Max. bag length (format length): 350 mm (13”) / 900 mm (35”)
  • Min. / Max. bag width: 200 mm (8”) / 450 mm (18”)
  • Min. / Max. gusset depth: 19 mm (3/4”) / 100 mm (4”)

The performance of the SFS 8E is up to 60 cycles / minute and is varying with the sack sizes.