The RC/SBP 6-75 is a pack packer working on the FFS principle. The machine works with a half-tubular film which is unwound from an unwinder with axle. Alternatively, a shaftless unwinder can be used, which allows a higher film roll diameter for longer running times. The semi-tubular film is fed to the forming chute by a servo motor via a dancer system. The format-dependent forming chute ensures consistent film-to-product ratios. The overlap is located underneath the product and is sealed in the shrink tunnel.

The system does not require a separate sealing system for the overlap. Its main application is in the packaging of paper rolls for the AFH market where an output of over 20 packs/min. is achieved. However, the line can also be used for other types of packaging. Special forming and grouping systems provide the necessary feeding of the packs. In combination with a case packer, very flexible packages can be easily produced.

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